We, the ghost mamas

Everybody needs a support group. Especially single parents. We will find one for you, and make sure it runs only on days and times that are impossible for you to make if you work in any capacity.

We really need to work on you getting some ‘me time’. Go, go and get some ‘me time’. If you can only have one afternoon a week and you’re likely to spend it feeling like you want to jump off a building that’s better than nothing, is it not?

Of course we’ll come and baby-sit, but have no availability at the moment.

If you feel you want to talk to somebody, make sure to call your GP. Sure, you’re going on record and it may be used against you but what are the chances?

If you need anything, really, just call us anytime, but not on Mondays, because we have yoga. Or Thursdays which are our family days, or the weekends, the weekends are sacred. But seriously, anything.


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