Degrees of impossible

I did a number of things this summer which really felt impossible. They mostly had to do with being a solomama. They had to do with finding responsibility overwhelming and practical management of life with really full-on little people totally out of my -rather good, actually- coping skills. A couple of weeks ago, in a … Continue reading Degrees of impossible



Blimey. I took a few blows today. A rather poor interaction with a healthcare professional that left me baffled and took me a while to shake off, and a rather poor interaction with the powers of academic journal publishing. This is after a pretty little project I had tended to like a miniature sculpture that … Continue reading Signposting

The micro-niceness of strangers

We talk a lot about how to help people struggling with mental and emotional distress. We talk about friends and social networks. About support services and accelerated access. We know all these things are important and need strengthening. We also know, or at least should know, that people experiencing distress and the intensity of not … Continue reading The micro-niceness of strangers