In my head I have written at least a dozen posts during this lockdown hell. Words never made it to the screen. Days flooded with trillions of chores, urgent needs, giving, preparing, tidying, cleaning, holding, reassuring, videocalling, crying, working, crying, texting, organising, surviving, medicating, providing, pretending, entertaining, worrying, crying, clinging on. Nothing much has changed. … Continue reading Locked-on

Unexpected gifts

Well, last post did not do very well at all. Not that one writes posts for them to do well. But it is nice when they do. I might not write for validation, but I sure as hell love it when I get some. I spent a whole counselling session talking about creativity the other … Continue reading Unexpected gifts

The micro-niceness of strangers

We talk a lot about how to help people struggling with mental and emotional distress. We talk about friends and social networks. About support services and accelerated access. We know all these things are important and need strengthening. We also know, or at least should know, that people experiencing distress and the intensity of not … Continue reading The micro-niceness of strangers