Coraline è arrivata in una serata fredda. Fredda ma sorprendentemente leggera. Una di quelle sere uguali a se stesse, nella solitudine di ogni giorno e di ogni notte. Però contrappuntata da inusuali risatine solitarie nel silenzio. Risatine leggere e sciocche, da messaggi pungenti di amici lontani.  Coraline è arrivata come una di quelle macchine del … Continue reading Coraline



In my head I have written at least a dozen posts during this lockdown hell. Words never made it to the screen. Days flooded with trillions of chores, urgent needs, giving, preparing, tidying, cleaning, holding, reassuring, videocalling, crying, working, crying, texting, organising, surviving, medicating, providing, pretending, entertaining, worrying, crying, clinging on. Nothing much has changed. … Continue reading Locked-on

Wanting to make and to become

I picked the dance workshop. Some voice inside my head suddenly went “oh, for god’s sake, challenge yourself for a change!”. And before I could take it all back, an actual voice outside my head confirmed: “that's booked, 2pm on level 4”. I got to the conference late, of course. Drop the children off to … Continue reading Wanting to make and to become