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Chama eu, Angola, chama eu.

Roda de capoeira hosted by Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre group, June 2019 When I thought all my meaningful social life was really encased in my phone, occasionally spilling over to my laptop for longer emails requiring both hands to compose properly, I was made to realise that people of flesh and bones are not … Continue reading Chama eu, Angola, chama eu.


Not this time

The other day, when I heard it for the millionth time that I was too much of this, that or the other -"too depressive" in this case, a feature of my way of being that seems to stand out more than the other two-hundred-and-ninety-seven they might have noticed if they had paid any attention- I … Continue reading Not this time

I’m still here

So it turns out the 'quiet' weekend you wish for, the one when you are eventually entitled to have a significant number of hours dedicated to something other than feeding/changing/comforting/reprimanding/entertaining your kids, including -above all else- some uninterrupted sleep, can turn out to be a little underwhelming. I am not sure whether this is because … Continue reading I’m still here