Back, at last!

I have thought long and hard about whether or not I should, or even could, write this. The thing is when one tries to say anything about Tim Minchin, brain goes into Tim-proof mode. As if my writing had to stand up to his personal scrutiny. Which is laughable, really. And paralysing. So, screw it, … Continue reading Back, at last!


Sometimes you really feel like throwing everything in the bin. The silly tailor-made cookie cutters, the sketching pencils, the instagram account, the writing pad, the training mats. You put little pegs in this vertical rock face you find yourself climbing with great effort. Tiny little anchors of connection and good will that you use to … Continue reading Ontologies

The micro-niceness of strangers

We talk a lot about how to help people struggling with mental and emotional distress. We talk about friends and social networks. About support services and accelerated access. We know all these things are important and need strengthening. We also know, or at least should know, that people experiencing distress and the intensity of not … Continue reading The micro-niceness of strangers