Glitter rooms

The other night I watched Kathrine Ryan's Glitter Room netflix special. It was the first genuinely funny, uplifting, and witty take on single parenting I've come across so far. It didn't help with the wave of anxiety that has taken over this week (you see, I get thrown off balance when I'm lied to in … Continue reading Glitter rooms


Chama eu, Angola, chama eu.

Roda de capoeira hosted by Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre group, June 2019 When I thought all my meaningful social life was really encased in my phone, occasionally spilling over to my laptop for longer emails requiring both hands to compose properly, I was made to realise that people of flesh and bones are not … Continue reading Chama eu, Angola, chama eu.

I’m still here

So it turns out the 'quiet' weekend you wish for, the one when you are eventually entitled to have a significant number of hours dedicated to something other than feeding/changing/comforting/reprimanding/entertaining your kids, including -above all else- some uninterrupted sleep, can turn out to be a little underwhelming. I am not sure whether this is because … Continue reading I’m still here