Sometimes you really feel like throwing everything in the bin. The silly tailor-made cookie cutters, the sketching pencils, the instagram account, the writing pad, the training mats. You put little pegs in this vertical rock face you find yourself climbing with great effort. Tiny little anchors of connection and good will that you use to … Continue reading Ontologies

Degrees of impossible

I did a number of things this summer which really felt impossible. They mostly had to do with being a solomama. They had to do with finding responsibility overwhelming and practical management of life with really full-on little people totally out of my -rather good, actually- coping skills. A couple of weeks ago, in a … Continue reading Degrees of impossible

I’m still here

So it turns out the 'quiet' weekend you wish for, the one when you are eventually entitled to have a significant number of hours dedicated to something other than feeding/changing/comforting/reprimanding/entertaining your kids, including -above all else- some uninterrupted sleep, can turn out to be a little underwhelming. I am not sure whether this is because … Continue reading I’m still here