Today is when we see whether you really work.

Today I take a hit again, a nice gift of meanness that hurts sharp and neat, that undermines and makes one quiver. So now you, beloved curtain, will have to embrace and pulverise this rage somehow. And on my way to find you, we’ll see if all those cast recordings do a good a job of exploding in my head when I ask them to. Somebody (I suspect it’s Ben Platt) in my ears insists: “Step out of the sun if you keep getting burnt”. You have a point, Ben. But that’s not the sun. More like some toxic acid cloud that comes onto the sun whenever I finally sit to enjoy the heat. I’ve worked on this though. And you’re right, I can step out, dance out of it. Today may be the day I manage to be smarter.

You see, this is the thing with nastiness. You can’t see it coming because it’s not the way your brain works. But you can train like a ninja to deflect it and eventually somersault out of its way altogether. With the help of a stage and a curtain, sometimes.


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